Vision Quartet on Street

Vision Quartet met at Bible School in early 2010 and enjoyed singing together there. Our first practice came in March and Vision Quartet was underway! We started gathering a repertoire, trying out our ideas of how to sing the pieces. It took a lot of practice, and our time together wasn’t always the most musically productive. This was due in part to us being close in age and opinionated persons, leading to much discussion and fun. After awhile, the decision was made to plan for a recording. Now we had to seriously practice!

After three years of singing together, learning and laughing much along the way, Chad Martin was called to serve the Lord at Allegany Boys Camp. David Eby also decided that he would lighten his load and discontinue the two hour drive to quartet events. Brandon and Gary decided to attempt to find replacements. They were happy to welcome Devon Hartzler and Marcel Witmer to the group the beginning of 2014.

We hope our recordings will bless the listener with a message from God. We also feel called to minister through giving programs. It is our desire that God’s name be lifted high and that He would receive all the glory in what we do.

Gary Hurst - Tenor 1

Gary Hurst – Tenor 1

Gary was born in Leola, PA, which he has called home ever since. His musical interests started as a toddler. From a young age, Gary could be heard singing at the top of his lungs or banging out a tune on the piano. He is blessed to be part of a family who enjoyed singing together around Dad’s guitar. After school, he worked in masonry construction for a few years before joining the staff at New Haven Mennonite School where he taught for several terms. He now works as a graphic designer at Rosewood Marketing and teaches a few music classes at school. Some of Gary’s musical influences are Shenandoah Christian Music Camp, Shenandoah Institute of Music and Art, and Oasis Chorale where Gary has learned much and been inspired to continue to grow musically. Men with a Song is a local choir he enjoys singing with each winter. If asked, Gary would certainly tell you that his greatest hobby is music; travel comes in second. He values the ministry related trips he took to Asia and Europe and hopes to visit other continents in the future. When at home, Gary enjoys maintaining friendships and making new ones. He frequents downtown Lancaster, enjoying arts events and coffee shops. Gary loves to sing at rescue missions and in prisons, desiring that the whole world would hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

Devon Hartzler - Tenor 2

Devon Hartzler – Tenor 2

Devon is 2nd born in a family of 8. He has enjoyed singing with his family from a young age and always enjoyed listening to singing groups. Fresh out of high school he attended SMBI for several terms then was asked to move to Cherry Creek, S.D. where he taught school for 2 years, as well as meeting his wife, Melissa. They were married in Feb 2013 and reside in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Currently he is employed by PBZ, a division of Paul B. Zimmerman Hardware. Some of his hobbies include hunting, volleyball, softball, hanging out with friends, evenings at home with his wife, and working with children. He is his younger siblings’ hero. The past year has been one of quite a few unexpected twists and turns in the road for Devon & Melissa, but God has given them so much grace for the journey, and they look forward to what He has in store for them in the future. Devon has enjoyed singing with the quartet and he, as well as, his wife have been encouraged and inspired by this music.

Marcel Witmer

Marcel Witmer – Baritone

Marcel Witmer joined Vision Quartet in August, 2013. Marcel grew up in northern Minnesota and then moved with his family to Los Angeles, California in March, 2008. Also in 2008, Marcel attended Institute for Global Opportunities in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he met his future wife, Krista. Marcel moved to Lancaster County when he and Krista got married in September 2012. They had their first child, Judah Emanuel, on August 20, 2014. Marcel grew up in a singing family and has also sung in numerous choirs throughout his life. He enjoys a wide variety of music. He also enjoys hanging out with family and friends, traveling, reading, and most things outdoors (he has a dream to hike the Pacific Crest Trail someday). He is currently pursuing a degree in nursing at Drexel University in Philadelphia. His life passion is to know and experience Jesus’ unconditional love and to extend that love to others through whatever means God enables him to do so.

Brandon Nolt - Bass

Brandon Nolt – Bass

Brandon Nolt is the oldest of his family, who live in the fertile hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His parents attempted to teach him to sing at a very young age, but he claims that he still hasn’t quite figured it out! At the age of twelve, he asked the Lord to come into his heart and ever since has had a passion of reaching the lost and encouraging people through song. He works in the family business of farming and trucking. He has lots of hobbies, probably too many – volleyball, basketball, wake boarding, hanging out with his many friends, eating, listening to music, and of course singing and playing guitar! He recently married a beautiful lady named Rachelle Stoltzfus. So now to add to the hobby list is being at home with his queen! They met at Shenandoah Christian Music Camp in Ohio in 2012 and it led to a wedding April 26th 2014! They live near Ephrata and are members of Lincoln Mennonite Church.