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“RESTORE” *New Release*

Posted by on Dec 2, 2014 in Album Details | 2 comments

We are happy to be releasing our 3rd album. Two new members and a couple years has past since the last recording. May this be an encouragement to all who listen and point hearts and souls to Christ.

We are happy to be releasing our 3rd album. Two new members and a couple years has past since the last recording. May this be an encouragement to all who listen and point hearts and souls to Christ.

Album “Give Thanks”

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in Album Details | 11 comments


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  1. Add to Cart I Will Enter – Medley
  2. Add to Cart Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow
  3. Add to Cart Adoration
  4. Add to Cart Thank-You
  5. Add to Cart I Rejoice
  6. Add to Cart My God, I Thank Thee
  7. Add to Cart Man of Sorrows
  8. Add to Cart I Sing the Mighty Power of God
  9. Add to Cart Thanksgiving Medley
  10. Add to Cart I Know the Lord’s Laid His Hands on Me
  11. Add to Cart Spiritual Touch
  12. Add to Cart Then Will the Very Rocks Cry Out
  13. Add to Cart Go In Joy
  14. Add to Cart Give Thanks

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Americans are some of the richest people in the world. Should we not be the most thankful? Over half of the people in the world live on less per day than this CD costs. Someone at the poverty line in the United States is in the top 14% of the global distribution of wealth! Many of us only compare our wealth with the greed around us, always longing for more. (from liner notes)

This is our burden for Give Thanks. Why not record an album to inspire others to live a more thankful life? We started compiling a list of thanksgiving and praise songs. Since we usually come up with more songs than we need, now began the project of filtering out those that would best help us “Give Thanks”.

As a quartet, we are excited for the privilege to inspire a spirit of thankfulness among God’s people. Jesus was willing to come and be the “Man of Sorrows”, winning the victory over sin and death. Because of His hand in our lives, we want to burst forth in never dying praise! We dare not stop exalting our God, whom we can never praise enough. If we fail in this job, the Bible says “Then will the very rocks cry out!” As you listen, we invite you to join us in giving thanks to our wonderful, providential Father. And, may you “Go in Joy” through all your life’s mountains and valleys. (from liner notes)

Give Thanks was recorded August 6-9, 2012 at Altar of Praise Studio. Thanks, Jonathan, for putting in some long days for the sake of this album!

All Give Thanks photography by Susie Marks from Marks Studio. Good job!

Quessity did a stellar job of designing our album artwork.

Jonathan Hurst & Aaron Hurst mixed and mastered the project.

Lee Weaver produced Give Thanks, and guided us through the recording process. Thanks, Lee, you were indispensable.

Album “I Will Sing”

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  1. I will Sing of My Redeemer
  2. Holy, Holy, Holy (Heilig)
  3. He Is Here
  4. I Stand in Awe
  5. Solid Rock
  6. Great High Priest, We View Thee
  7. For Those Tears I Died
  8. Where Cross the Crowded Ways of Life
  9. He Will Lead His Children Home
  10. Behold I Show You a Mystery
  11. Are You Dressed For the Wedding?
  12. The Lord Bless You and Keep You

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I Will Sing is Vision Quartet’s first album. We made lots of memories in the studio, trying to get it right!

The “mountain” of getting a good recording, mixing and mastering the project, designing the CD artwork, and securing all the licenses looked huge, but thanks to God, we were able to get it all done in time!

We want to thank each person that was praying for us, and for all the people doing little things for us to make this project possible.

Thanks, Altar of Praise Studio, for your expertise in getting a clean, fresh sound.

Thanks, Lee Weaver, for being our producer and coaching us through the recording process.

Thanks, Mark’s Studio, for the photos and CD artwork.

Thanks, Brandon’s family, for graciously allowing us to use your basement for our rehearsals, and for feeding us yummy snacks.

Thanks, Gary’s parents, for providing lodging and meals during the recording.

And most of all, thanks to God for giving us a Message to sing about! Without all of you, this album wouldn’t be!

Recorded June 2011 at Altar of Praise Studio, Leola, PA .

Recording Engineer: Jonathan Hurst

Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Hurst and Aaron Hurst.

Produced by Lee Weaver and Vision Quartet.